National Bibliographies (Beta)


The British National Bibliography portal is a platform which allows the browsing of library collections using linked data. The data is structured in an extended version of the BIBFRAME data model. The main BIBFRAME-based entities that can be explored on the entity discovery portal are:

  • Agents (persons, families, organizations and conferences)
    • These are the actors that create original works contribute to publications — e.g. “Jules Verne”
  • Original works
    • These are clusters of publications — e.g. “Around the world in 80 days”, which would be an original work. On this page would be listed all the versions in various languages and editions of the original work.
  • Publications
    • These are specific versions of Original Works. E.g. “Around the world in 80 days, Paperback, French, 2017 by Publisher X”
  • Items
    • These are copies of Publications, representing a specific, physical item held in a library

If you are interested in further details or wish to participate in the project, please refer to the Contact section.

To read more about BIBFRAME in general, feel free to take a look at the BIBFRAME pages on Library of Congress or Wikipedia.